Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Seattle All-Female Non-Profit Banked Track Roller Derby

Barbie Beatdown

2012-2013 BWARB Sponsors: 

Bennett Haselton


B1, B2, B3- wherever I'm needed

How did you come up with your derby name and number?
I stole it from my daugther (Really)!
Why did you join TTRB?
Because it is Seattle's first banked track league and the ladies are so diverse and amazing.
What derby related injuries, if any, have you had?
So far the worst was knocking myself out and half my tooth! Never skate alone!
What do you do with your time, other than derby?
Work and spending time with my orphaned kids and widowed husband (derby widowed and orphaned of course!).
What do you like most about Roller Derby?
When I've pushed so hard I feel like falling over and someone always says something to make me push harder.
If you could give any advice to a new or interested skater, what would it be?
Start slow. Everything is possible.
What is your biggest fear?
Not being able to skate.
What makes you happy?
My kids
What is your favorite color?
Anything crazy bright!
What is your beverage of choice?
Vitamin Water (XXX Berry)