Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Seattle All-Female Non-Profit Banked Track Roller Derby

Crusher Frequency

2014 BWARB: 

Steven Burge
Diane Maggitti
Kelly Berry

44.1 kHz


How did you come up with your derby name and number?
It’s a combination of a few of my passions. One being all things nerdy, but specifically Wil Wheaton (Westley Crusher) and the other being music. Frequency (or Sample Rate) 44.1 kHz is what you set a DAW to record music.
Why did you join TTRB?
The banked track was a big motivator, but ultimately I really liked the ladies on the league. They are like family, so welcoming and supportive, I feel like I’m home.
How long have you been skating?
Skating derby for a little over 2 years. Have been skating on and off all my life.
Who is your derby idol?
There are so many people I look up to that I can't name them all here. My team is amazing and full of magic.
What derby related injuries, if any, have you had?
Nothing significant (knocks on wood)
What is your favorite off-skates workout?
Running, Swimming, Dancing, Boxing, Yoga
Besides skating, what service do you provide to the league and the community?
I volunteer at a youth homeless shelter. It’s very important to me to help those that are in need.
How has derby improved your life?
Not only physically in better shape but emotionally more confident and have an amazing support group of ladies.
What do you do with your time, other than derby?
Really like to go to concerts when I have time. Anything from Bass heavy dance music to raunchy death metal.
What do you like most about Roller Derby?
The people on this league.
Do you have a quote/saying that means a lot to you?
Wheaton’s law, “Don’t be a dick”
If you could give any advice to a new or interested skater, what would it be?
You’ll get out of derby what you put into it.
What is your biggest fear?
Breaking something and not being able to skate.
What makes you happy?
New music, New derby skills, landing a good hit.
What are your likes?
Electronics, (audio production equipment, Computers, gadgets) music, sunny days, Aviation
What are your dislikes?
Dishonest people, bugs, bad music
What is your favorite color?
Black, Red, OD GReen, Orange, grey
What is your favorite movie?
That changes so much I can’t really tell you. I can quote Office Space pretty much word for word, have watched the new Star Trek more times than I can count and consistently run out of new movies to watch on Netflix. Generally anything Nerdy I’m down with.
What is your beverage of choice?
Adult Beverage: Ruby beer (well just about any fruit based beer), Red wine. As for non adult beverage I LOVE VISO! Especially Dynamo
If you could be anything other than human, what would you be?
Either a super hero (like Superman who isn’t human) or a bird. Would love to be able to fly.