Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Seattle All-Female Non-Profit Banked Track Roller Derby

Thumper Skull

2014 BWARB: 

Florence the Machine


All of them.

How did you come up with your derby name and number?
I’ve always identified with bunnies, they’re my spirit animal. Normally I'm quite timid, easily frightened by loud noises and sudden movements, not to mention I’m cute and cuddly =;3.
On skates, though, my goal is to be fast and agile like a rabbit. A friend was helping me think of famous bunny names and Thumper caught my ear. I added Skull so the name sounded more dangerous and violent. My number, 83, is meant to look like a bunny when turned on its side (the 3 would be the ears or the bunny cheeks depending on which way you tilt your head).
Why did you join TTRB?
I was finished with classes and working part-time so I was looking for a hobby where I could make friends and stay active. I heard about the Rat City Rollergirls which inspired me to get in shape to try out for roller derby. After getting excited about the idea for a few weeks, I learned about Tilted Thunder from a friend. I visited a practice where I met an impressive group of women who told me about the plan to build a banked track. It sounded really exciting, I wanted to be a part of something I knew was going to be big, so I signed up!
How long have you been skating?
When I was 5 years old, I skated every week on a pair of Minnie Mouse quad skates. Inline skates were cool in the 90's, so I got a pair for X-mas when I was 10. I lived on my skates as a pre-teen and teenager. I hung up my in-lines around the age of 15. 10 years later I went to Fast Girl Skates and bought my first pair of quads since Minnie Mouse. It took a few months of skating flat track with TTRB to get used to 8 wheels on my feet again. With strength, endurance and agility training I have vastly improved my skating skill since I started with TTRB in August of 2009 and I'm always striving to improve.
How has derby improved your life?
I am in the best shape of my life, I have more friends than I could have ever imagined and I feel like I am doing something with purpose that benefits my mental and physical health, my league and my community.
What do you do with your time, other than derby?
In between skating, exercising, heading the Sports Med Committee and being Captain of the TTRB All-Stars, I care for my home and kitties Poop and Mayor McCheese with my domestic partner Levi aka Mr. Skull. I also work as a CT Assistant at Swedish First Hill, have volunteered for PAWS as a cat room attendant and plan to go back to school to become a Rad Tech.
If you could give any advice to a new or interested skater, what would it be?
Skate, skate, SKATE! Then skate some more. Volunteer for your nearest roller derby league and attend derby events and fundraisers. Skating and bouting is only half of the responsibility. The more active you are with your local league, the better you will understand this and prepare yourself for joining a league.
What is your biggest fear?
Letting my team down. Also, having my feet collected for key chains.
What makes you happy?
My teammates on the Rolling Blackouts, second scoring pass, flooring the opposing jammer, and Mr. Skull.
What is your favorite color?
My blood runs Black and Blue.