Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Seattle All-Female Non-Profit Banked Track Roller Derby

Rail Bird of the Month: 
February 2013

Q. What brought you to the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds?
A friend of mine said that she was doing Fight School and that I should too. I had never skated in my life, but she told me that beginners were welcome.
Q. How did you come up with your name?
My last name is Blockey, and I bruise easily so Block n Blue made sense.
Q. What inspires you to kick butt like you do?
I think about how far I have come and that I have such a long way to go.
Q. What is the best part about doing derby?
It is great exercise, a fun group of women, and a fantastic release.
Q. What advice would you give the new chicks?
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Your learning curve is YOURS. I am still trying to get that through my head.
Q. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Roller derby related, it would be my first day of flight school and not being able to get on the track. In life, it would probably be when I was about 8 and was doing a dance routine for my parents and a friend of theirs, and I farted in the middle of it. I was mortified.
Q. What do you do when you’re not skating?
When am I not skating or doing stuff related to derby?
Q. What is your beverage of choice?
Black tea with milk and sugar. It is the Australian in me.
Q. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
One of my cats. They have the best life ever.
Q. And lastly, if you were caught in an elevator with the leading man or woman of your dreams, right now, what color underwear would they catch you in?

"B&B is positive and always fun to skate with---she is always putting in 100%. Her efforts to raise money to support the league through BwaRB are also greatly appreciated!"
"Her hard work with the current BWaRB campaign has been instrumental in keeping this campaign moving forward. In addition, she has really stepped up her game play since joining Royal Crush."
"As co-head of Sponsorship, she has done a ton of behind the scene, thankless committee work, securing sponsors and more recently working on the BwaRB program. Always smiling and positive. And she has come such a long way in her skating skills. I remember when she first came to us and couldn't skate at all. She is very dedicated! We are lucky to have her!"
"She helps with PEEPS, and has certianly done a wonderful job alongside Bonnie for the BWaRB program this year. There is so much that has gone into that alone, I think she deserves RBotM! :)"