Tilted Thunder Rail Birds — Seattle All-Female Non-Profit Banked Track Roller Derby

Murray Grande

Volunteer of the Quarter: 
March 2013

Thom aka Murray Grande has been volunteering with us as a commentator since Season 1. He shows so much support and enthusiasm for TTRB. Not only has he been doing an awesome job commentating for us at our bouts (including taking charge at Battle on the Bank IV), but he attends our scrimmages so that he can practice his craft with us. He has also started commentating at flat track bouts including Jet City, Dockyard, and Wild West Showdown. He also is at pretty much all our events and frequently gets on the mic to help promote us. He has even traveled with the Travel Team for away bouts. His commitment to the league and derby overall is overwhelming, and we are very appreciative of his involvement with TTRB.

“Not only does he show support at bouts but throughout the entire year. He always has a great attitude and smiles at everyone. He is very approachable and makes sure to get your name if he doesn't have it. He comes to a number of events to help support our league. He's a great guy!”

“Murray's dedication, devotion, and contributions to this league are amazing. Not only is he a fierce commentator for all of our bouts, but he takes the extra time and effort to come watch our league scrimmages to take notes on the players and practice play-by-play. He even comes to many of our events. He has been very supportive of us and that is awesome!”

“His dedication as an announcer is inspiring. He comes to our scrimmages to learn our names and how we play. He learns the rules so he can give proper play by play. He loves our league and is so full of energy!! I heart him!”

“He seized the role as announcer organizer at BotB last year and rocked it! He is super dedicated to the league. We can always count on him announcing for bouts and events.”

“Murray shows up all the time for both bouts, scrimmages, events and is always willing to help out. He travels for travel team bouts. He is super enthusiastic about our league.”