We are kick-ass women who believe that inspiring and empowering women to use their strength is essential to life. Banked Track Roller Derby is the perfect sport to achieve this goal. We train women from all walks of life to find their strength and use it mentally and physically. We want to build a world where every woman is confident in their own strength.

Roller derby is a beautiful sport where all women are welcome and all body types have a worth and a purpose. We live in a world where women’s bodies are their enemies. Society teaches us to be overly critical of our bodies and to only look at the faults that society tells us we have. Our bodies are used against us our entire lives. But in roller derby, your body is your strength. Every body type has a purpose and a worth that is undeniable. You can be small, large, short, tall, extra large; you have a place here. And we cater our athletic training to your body type. Roller derby is not one size fits all. It is a place where you can find joy and strength in your body no matter what size and shape you are.

There’s nothing more amazing than the feeling of flying around the banked track on skates. The design of the track brings physics to life. The game is much faster and the hits are epic. And the soft masonsite that you land on breaks your fall so that you can get right back up without missing a second of the action. It’s truly a unique experience. Strength, endurance and calculated strategy are key components of our game. Fans are exhilarated at the fast-paced action, hard hits and the strength of our amazing women.

Our biggest strength by far is our community. We cultivate a women-centric community where the negative institutional behavior of society towards women has no place. Our innovative anti-bullying policy creates a positive environment where all women can flourish. We believe that women can be whomever they choose to be and not be judged for it. Our members are loud and quiet, introverted and extroverted, big talkers, small talkers, funny, serious, all the things that they want to be. And we love them for it. There is no right way to be a woman and we celebrate all women. And we provide a safe environment, free from harassment and harm so all women can be who they truly are.

Donate! Sponsor!
Women’s sports are highly underfunded. This includes roller derby and our league. Title IX gave equal access to sports, but it did not provide equal funding. Women’s sports across the board need more funding and support. The majority of our funding comes from our skaters and our events. We want to make roller derby accessible to every woman. To do that, we need donors and sponsors who want to live our mission with us. The empowerment that our members get from Tilted Thunder crosses over into their professional and personal lives. The strength that we promote makes the world a better place. And we are always in need of more donations to make that dream possible for more women.


After much fundraising and hardwork, TTRB acquired a warehouse, track plans and materials and TTRB skaters, refs, and volunteers built a Kitten Traxx track in 2010. Our track design follows the same track plans of the other modern tracks in the United States: L.A. Derby Dolls, San Diego Derby Dolls, Deadly Rival Roller Derby, and Arizona Derby Dames. Other banked track leagues, such as TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls and Penn Jersey Roller Derby have older banked tracks built with a slightly different design.


The modern reincarnation of community-based, Do-It-Yourself banked track roller derby is only just beginning to experience the kind of growth that flat-track roller derby saw only a few years ago.

Not only are we the only modern banked track league in the Pacific Northwest, we are one of only a small handful of modern DIY banked track leagues in the country. Even though there are over 700 modern flat-track leagues in the United States, we are the 7th roller derby league to build a banked track in the nation. Even more unique, we are the only one of these banked-track leagues who is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!



In addition to our internal goals, Tilted Thunder Rail Birds strives to improve our community by volunteering for other community organizations. Volunteering our time to positively impact those around us is a core belief that we all hold. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to have us help out at your next event!


Tilted Thunder is committed to developing female amateur athletes for competition, and promoting their physical and mental strength and independent spirit.


Tilted Thunder Rail Birds is a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 status. Tilted Thunder is recognized not only in the state of Washington, but federally (by the IRS) as a nonprofit organization to whom donations are tax deductible. Please view our 501(c)3 acceptance letter.


Yes, roller derby has a strict set of rules. No, we do not use our elbows. On the banked track we follow RDCL Rules. However, when we are challenged to a flat track bout we skate under WFTDA Rules.