Amelia Bearheart photo by Greg Hoover

Rail Bird of the Month - Bear photo by Steve Messerer

“Bear is a wonderful addition to the league. Her enthusiasm is infectious! She’s great with the Peeps and always has a positive attitude, even when she is struggling with a drill. I’m really happy she’s in a position to advocate for our chicks. The woman is a marvelous Mama Bear!”

“Bear is the best! She helped the Chicks come together as a team when she was a chick herself. And now she continues to support everyone as Co-Head of Mentorship Committee. We love ya, Mama Bear!”

“Bear is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met! Her enthusiasm is contagious and I wish I could bottle up her motivation and share it. She throws herself fully into anything she sets her mind from mentoring our new chicks, fostering our juniors, to striving to be a better skater herself. I am so proud to call her my teammate and friend. Every league needs a Bear around and this league is better because of her.”