Catti LaBelle photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Catti photo by Steve Messerer

“Catti is the kind of skater that is intimidating in reputation, but in person is nothing short of a true athlete in every aspect of the word. She has a true passion for the game, a genuine love for her teammates, and a deep respect for her opponents. But never fear. Catti is fearless! I’ve never known her to back down from a challenge, both on and off the track. Whether it’s battling her way alongside her teammates in a tournament, working her way back from a debilitating illness, or taking on a prominent leadership role within the league. Catti has always stepped up to the occasion. And above all else, I will always be in awe of her as a skater – whether it’s jumping the apex, sliding by on the railing, or taking command on the track as only a true veteran can.”

“Catti… what can i even say? She is a role model to all of us on and off skates. She’s incredibly helpful, honest, and hard working. She makes me want to be a better Hellion, and she makes me want to do more for our league. We are so lucky to have her contributing so hard. When many would have slowly faded out she has shone brighter and brighter and it’s people like her who will help keep us together through the tough times. Also, she hits like a ton of bricks.”

“Catti is one of those one of kind skaters. She elevates the game with her skill and dedication to becoming a better skater. Absolutely. But to step up as General Manager, in the midst of her own health stuff, is not only admirable, but it’s perfect. No one else could take the role as GM as well. Catti is respectful, honest, transparent and so so so caring. That last part is undeniable. Even when she was injured. She has been there for us. And her partner Mike, wow, they are the backbone of TTRB and what makes us family. On and off the track, Catti is a role model for TTRB and embodies what I want to become. She never gives up, on herself or others. Catti deserves Rail Bird of the Month. Thanks for being my inspiration and keeping it real. I want more Catti dancing!!!”