Creep Suzette photo by Danny Ngan

Rail Bird of the Month - Creep photo by Steve Messerer

“Creep embodies everything it is to be Rail Bird of the Month. She’s 100% dedicated to bringing up the entire league to the next level with her coaching, mentoring and overall support. She’s always driving herself to be better and never satisfied. This drive is what inspires others around her to push themselves beyond their own sticking points. She keeps us on our toes and helps us figure out ways we each can be successful. And she’s an excellent interpreter for James! :)”

“Hands down my favorite skater and coach of all time. I have always admired and respected her.”

“She’s a genius when it comes to thinking of new strategies. She genuinely care about the development of each skater. Her involvement with the Peeps has helped make the program more inclusive where both juniors and adults can participate in a fun, uplifting, competitive environment.”