Dirty photo by Danny Ngan

Rail Bird of the Month - Dirty photo by Grant Palmer

“Dirty has been an absolute inspiration to me. She never stops pushing herself to be a better skater and elevating others in the process. She always encourages me and lifts my spirits when I’m down. She fights hard for the newer skaters to make sure we have the tools we need to be great teammates. I love skating with her! <3 <3 <3"

“Dirty is a trash can not a trash CAN’T. 🙂 She’s always there to push you further, hit you harder, and love you stronger than you thought you needed. I’m so grateful to be able to call Dirty a friend and leaguemate. She pushes herself, her team, and the league to be better and stronger than we already are, and that’s something we should never take for granted. She makes sure to give us all the tough love we don’t realize that we need. Let’s just remember to keep her fed! <3 Also, butt first, Dirty, butt first!"

“I would not be here (at TTRB) if not for Dirty. She took me to buy my first pair of skates at Fast Girl and helped bring me up from a Chick to a Skull. She supported me through every step and remains one of the most loving and supportive people I’ve ever met. Dirty, you can pretend all you want to be a spiteful b!tch, but you’re a f*cking softie. LOVE YOU!!!”