Rail Bird of the Month - Goldi photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Goldi photo by Danny Ngan

“Goldie’s story is an incredible one of strength and determination (ask her about it sometime!) Her life-long passion for adventure has led her to derby and I am so thrilled to be skating with her. She’s such an inspiring and motivating human but works like a dog. She’s always suggesting fresh new ways of getting better at our sport and continually cheering on the entire league as we grow and change. And we can’t forget that she brings Brad Ass along to support and film us! Yay!”

“Goldie is such a Rockstar! I remember when we were starting out at PFM together – she took to the track like it was made for her, and she’s so freakin’ fast! Over the years, she’s really worked on her skills and has become a very strong jammer! Yay Goldie!”

“Ah, well deserved kudos to Goldie! She is such a pleasure to skate with and against! It is hard to find a more earnest player than her. She shows true spirit and integrity on the track, always smiling and willing to do what the situation calls for. I love her humor, resilience, and just watching how quickly she has advanced her skill. Goldie is such a delight, on and off the track. A serious utility player, wrapped in such a sweet and friendly teammate.”

“Goldie takes on the next challenge with no hesitation ever! She jumps right in with the most positive attitude! Her presence encourages those around her to push themselves and always be positive! You can never be down when Goldie is around! She makes you want to always aim high!”