Gypsy photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Gypsy photo by Danny Ngan

“Gypsy is such an OG. She works her ass off with bout production and has things running so smoothly. Or, if they’re not going that smoothly, I can’t tell, which means it must be running pretty smoothly. She is so fun to have around. Thanks for all the hard work, Gypsy! :)”

“Gypsy is a foundational member of this league. She has a no-nonsense mindset and laid back attitude that makes her such an effective and natural leader. She is a joy to skate with, (or against), and gives 110% at each opportunity. Her work ensures that bout day goes smoothly. Juggling all of this as a veteran skater gives a vision to the rest of the league. Gypsy is an amazing and effective jammer, and I’m grateful we have her skill and mentality as a part of Tilted Thunder.”

“Mayhem is a great example of stepping it up and being a leader on the league. As the Head of the Bout Production committee for the past however many seasons, she has committed to helping the league be successful with our bouts and tournaments. Her committee runs super smoothly and is great to be a part of. She’s a wonderful co-captain, and is very helpful wrangling the Skulls.”