Rail Bird of the Month - Hawk photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Hawk photo by Danny Ngan

“Not only is Hawk a bad-ass blocker and quickly becoming a force on the track, but she has brought a lot to TTRB in just a short period of time. Stepping up to be a committee head, always being there for injured skaters at practices and scrimmages offering her help, and always having a positive attitude to top it all off. Hawk rocks!”

“Hawk’s dedication to the league is outstanding; stepping up to be a committee head before being drafted, and constantly checking in with the Chicks to offer support. Hawk has become one hell of a blocker! But it’s her positive, playful attitude that really makes it so fun to be around her. Way to go, Hawk!”

“Watching Hawk grow from our days at PFM has been a pleasure! She has honed her blocking & hitting skills into a strong skill set that make her a formidable opponent and a desirable teammate. She’s a take-charge player who calmly assesses the situation with her hawk-like eyes, yet communicates urgency with her team. Her head is in the game, but more importantly, her heart is with her friends! Go Hawk!”