Jeri photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Slammi photo by Steve Messerer

“Jeri is amazing! I was so sad to see her leave her role as a league skater, but we are so happy and lucky that she joined The Agency to remain active in the league as a skating ref! Jeri has been like the Mama Bear of our league for years, and I can’t imagine not having Jeri around. We are also grateful that she has maintained her role as Dues Collector. She generously stuck with this role over the years, which is a thankless but super important job, and always does it without complaining. She will even show up to a practice that she’s not skating in so skaters can give her their dues. On and off the track, Jeri is a delight, and I am so happy she is being recognized as Volunteer of the Quarter!”

“Jeri’s continued dedication to the league even after retiring as a skater is amazing. She is a veteran face for the league that is valuable to see for our newer skaters. We love Jeri!”

“Jeri has been the Dues Collector FOREVER! She assisted refs before retiring from skating and then stuck with them once retired even though she could have walked away from the league and responsibilities entirely. She is at almost every scrimmage and has also traveled with the Travel Team and ad hoc teams to bouts and tournaments to assist the local ref crew and show off how awesome TTRB is! :)”

“She does so much for the ref crew since retiring from the Skulls. She still tracks dues and helps out with a ton of behind the scenes stuff. Jeri is the greatest!”