Karny is the Magic behind the scenes a lot of the time. She doesn’t try to get recognition, she just gets done what needs doing. Not only has she stepped up as Bout Production head, she has also become a Peeps assistant coach and is killing it. She definitely deserves this recognition.

Karny is the best! I have known her the longest of anyone on the league. She is always willing to lend a hand. She works hard for the league, with the ticket sales and such. She has a bad ass attitude that I love! And I will always be appreciative of her kindness  and heart.





Karny is a TTRB legend, she was extremely welcoming to me when I first started volunteering with TTRB.  She’s a tough Rail Bird who doesn’t take any crap but makes people give their 100% just like she does. She has stuck by the league through thick and thin!

Karn has been a key member of this league for a looong time. She is so dependable, real, honest, and a friend to everyone.  ❤️