Kase photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Kase photo by Danny Ngan

“Kase has been working hard to get herself leveled up to be eligible to be drafted onto a home team. She pushes herself and is constantly improving her skating skills. She tries very hard, and it’s noticed by the team skaters. Kase also stepped up on the Slamdroids by wrangling the T-shirt order and facilitating team discussions for things like skate out songs and MVP awards. You are so appreciated Kase!”

“I have enjoyed watching Kase’s progression, from not being able to complete tryouts the first time around to coming back and becoming one of the most dedicated and hard working women in derby. She is an inspiration to me, and I love skating with Cold Kase. I am excited to see where her growth and dedication takes her! Congratulations, Kase!”

“Cold Kase is a skater to keep your eye out for because her hard work and determination will make her a force to be reckoned with! It has been awesome to watch her grow as a Chick, especially recently as she’s started coming into her own. We can see her grit and determination on the track. She’s always willing to tackle challenges and contribute to TTRB – one example of that is taking on the role of Merch Head. She also has one of the highest attendances and is always looking for extra skate time. Her dedication and committment to the league is recognized and hugely appreciated!”