Krozo the Klown photo by Danny Ngan

Rail Bird of the Month - Krozo photo by Steve Messerer

“Krozo consistently works so hard for this league. All the media, the logos, the bout programs your fans signed and that awesome poster with your face on it! None of that would happen without her. She has been a rock solid member of TTRB from the beginning, and she is an inspiration to skate with (and against). I strive to keep up with her awareness on the track, and to get past her as a jammer. Both are a major challenge!”

“An amazing skater, supportive big bird, fierce competitor, hard worker, and dedicated teammate. Krozo’s commitment to the league and banked track derby cannot be understated. We wouldn’t be where we are without her blood, sweat, and determination.”

“Krozo has always been the bar I set for my goals. When I’m working on new skills, I ask myself, ‘How would Krozo do this?’ As a chick, she was always there after evals telling me how to improve and what I need to work on, even though she was never my official Big Bird. I am honored to be her teammate.”

“There are few committees at TTRB that Krozo is not involved with in one shape or form — she does it all. She has poured her heart and soul into TTRB, and we would be lost without her. Krozo is a great mentor and puts a lot of time and effort into the big bird program and has brought many chicks to bout-readiness. She’s known and admired for giving tough love to challenge skaters and getting us all whipped into shape when needed. She has an amazing laugh that will light up any room and she is a very familiar and welcoming face at TTRB. Congrats, Krozo! Well deserved! Thank you for all you do!”