Legs is just such great energy. She always brings 100% to every practice, event, and really anything she does. She is a reliable teammate and always willing to help out however she can, be that with fundraisers (she has planned some big ones), the juniors program, or mentoring new skaters. She is always pushing herself to be a better skater and trying new tricks. She is an inspiration!

I want to be an old lady, sitting on the porch swing, telling Legs’ grandchildren about their grandma back in the day, like in ‘A League of Their Own’ when they go back to the Hall of Fame museum and all the other old ladies are like ‘who’s that?’, and I’m like ‘oh fool, you didn’t know? She was Legs Get’em, and you best believe she GOT ‘EM on the track. From Washington to Austin, they felt the puncture of her hits. And if they were lucky, they’d get the remnants of scar tissue under the skin to remember her by.



Legsssss!! You’ve got such a wonderful energy and I love skating with you. You’re such a bright person with some sass under all those smiles and you get us working as a team on the track and off of it. Thanks for everything you do for the league!!

Legs has been an inexhaustible source of information and technique. She is always working on something; a new hit or stop. She throws herself in to her skating and is such an amazing mentor. Amazing<3