Freq photo by Danny Ngan

Rail Bird of the Month - Freq photo by Danny Ngan

“Freq is a TTRB OG and is the heart of the Hellions. She stepped up as team captain and has taken the role gracefully, encouraging and modeling a culture of openness and respect. She balances the demands of derby while working for the military AND taking classes! As busy as she is, when she is at practice, she is attentive and committed. She is central to sports med. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen in derby, but she has responded to these situations with a calm demeanor and the expertise to manage the injuries. Ooh, also, her laugh is contagious. Thanks, Freq, for all you bring to Tilted.”

“Freq is an incredible teammate and friend. After being on TTRB for many years, she has stepped outside of her comfort zone into a leadership position as Captain of the Saint Hellions. Her experience, perspective, and positive attitude makes her an effective leader. She is always working hard on a skill and is so much fun to block with. Thank you Freq, for being an awesome teammate!”

“Freq is a long-standing member of the league who has given a lot to her home team, sports med committee, and also stepped up to lead her team as captain. She is a fair, caring, attentive captain and is always there for her teammates. She also puts in 100% effort on the track and despite her heavy school and work responsibilities she still always somehow manages to be there and maintain that derby/life balance. I also have always appreciated that when myself or another skater is injured at a practice or scrimmage, Freq is there, and has always taken the time to follow-up to make sure I’m okay.”