Demi is so deserving of Railbird Of the month. She pours her heart and soul into TTRB and that use in our league. She is an amazing teammate on and off the track and I I know that she is always there for me. Demi has been through a lot of injuries and has made such a comeback fighting through it all. And she is still one of the most selfless people I have ever met, always willing to help anyone in need. Our league is a better one because of her!








Demi is so fiercely kind. She matches effort 100% and works hard with you. She wants to see everyone succeed and thats evident not only in the way she speaks but the way she skates. She has nothing but encouraging things to say, and is the queen of positive reinforcement. She makes learning derby feel easy, at least until the day after practice! We love you so much Demi!