Puffs photo by Steve Messerer

Rail Bird of the Month - Puffs photo by Danny Ngan

“Puffs is a great Big Bird! She is super encouraging and has a lot of derby and skills knowledge. She’s feisty and aggressive on the track and brings a lot of stability and guidance to the bench.”

“In preparation for the upcoming Expo Bout, Puffs has been an amazing leader on Team Alien. She puts a lot of care and effort into coaching new skaters and fellow teammates. I love that she goes out of her way to praise fellow skaters. Puffs is incredibly thoughtful and kind in her approach. She is a real inspiration for the league.”

“Puffs is an amazing skater and an awesome big bird – she’s great at finding places for improvement and balancing the criticism with encouragement. She’s a lot of fun to skate with, and a pain in the ass to skate against! We’re super lucky to have her here with TTRB!”

“She has been an amazing leader and has stepped up not only in skill but also as a mentor. Her presence at practices is greatly appreciated not only at Hellions but also at league.”