Rowena Rip'N'Claw photo by Danny Ngan

“Ripper is the most determined skater I know! She’s overcome so many obstacles and she still pushes to be better everyday! Her strong will and derby spirit is an inspiration to us all!”

“Ripper has been working so hard to keep improving at derby and it’s so great to watch her get stronger and kick butt on the track. She’s super supportive and inspiring to the rest of us chicks! Love you Ripper!”

“It’s been a pleasure skating with Ripper and watching her fearless determination. She is supportive to her fellow chicks, she has a never quit attitude and is becoming a powerhouse of a skater. She has accomplished so much already and the best is yet to come!”

“Ripper is an example of what every TTRB skater should be. She has a positive attitude on and off the track and she is warm and supportive of her league mates and friends. She seizes every practice opportunity and this shows in the growth and progress she has made. Ripper is a real asset to the league!”