Santa photo by Danny Ngan

SANTA!!! I know him! I know him! TTRB knows Santa just like Buddy the Elf! Everyone loves him and Santa loves everyone, always giving a warm smile and eager to give a comforting hug! He is a solid member of the Agency and a valued member of our volunteers, despite being so busy making toys for all the girls and boys 😉 He is such a huge supporter of derby, and we are lucky to have Santa on the TTRB ref crew.


“He’s always in a great mood and has been so supportive of TTRB as a whole as well as going out of his way to encourage and congratulate individual skaters.”

“Santa is always enthusiastic and supportive- always a smiling face at practice, bouts and even events. He’s a huge supporter of Ttrb and rollerderby in general. He was a great addition to the ref crew and continues to be an asset to the league.”

“Always helpful, always kind, always cheerful and happy to see us. I love that he is NSO’ing for us. It is always great to see his smiling face at bouts, scrimmage and events!”

“He hasn’t been volunteering with the league for a long time, but ever since he started, he has been fully committed! And prior to that, he has been a dedicated fan coming to both events and bouts! It is always a pleasure to see his smiling face. He is so warm and friendly and genuinely loves us! He is a real treat to have around, and it always puts me in an instant good mood when I see him.”