SciFi Wasabi photo by Danny Ngan

Rail Bird of the Month - SciFi photo by Danny Ngan

“SciFi is so friendly and sweet while still being a badass on the track. She has made it her personal mission to make TTRB a welcoming league in the PNW and I think she’s succeeded. She’s great with the Chicks and always stands up for their interests.”

“Sci Fi is such an asset to our league. She is an amazing teammate, coach, mentor and all around person. Not only did she recently step up to take on the role of head of our mentorship committee to help other skaters’ skills grow, but she is also constantly striving to elevate her own skills on the track. Whether it’s on the track or off the track, she always puts 100% into what she’s doing and all with a great attitude. She really deserves Rail Bird of the Month!”

“SciFi shows so much dedication to our league. She brings such joy and positivity, and I’m glad to call her my friend <3"

“Sci-fi is one of my favorite rail birds! She brings a great energy and positivity to everything she does. She really gives 100% to everything and everyone. She’s a great communicator on the track and she’s an amazing teammate. As an individual you’ll always find her pushing herself to try new things as well as improve upon old skills. Sci-fi is incredibly supportive of her teammates and her chicks and she’ll often be the first person to step in to fill a role that needs a body. Our league is lucky to have her and the Hellions are too!”