Whenever there is a challenge to handle, she immediately jumps to brainstorming solutions. She is very mindful of inclusiveness and takes great consideration  for others’ position. She steps up when we need people to take on leadership or volunteer roles and is always rallying others to be more involved. She is a model of what ttrb represents both on the track and off.


Dude, Breaker is so damn inspiring. Her commitment to the league, to skating, and to derby itself is like a fountain of derby youth. Just being around her is electric, you can’t help be be excited about skating! She is one of the strongest women that I know, seeing her be there for her team through thick and thin


IMG_2351 Always building people up, always kind, always making me less grumpy with her contagious laugh and can-do/will-do attitude and always trying to do better in every department. She’s there even when she is injured. She is constantly teaching us what true strength means. Breaker is one of a kind and TTRB wouldn’t be the same without her. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE BREAKER. BREAKER BREAKER BREAKER BREAKER


Breaker is SO deserving of Rail Bird of the Month! Her dedication and commitment to this league as a skater, Travel Team skater, Captain, and Head of CPC certainly does not go unnoticed.