Slammi photo by Tyler Shaw

Rail Bird of the Month - Slammi photo by Steve Messerer

“Slammi has done so much for the league during this period of time we have been without a warehouse. Beyond the expo bouts and season 5, we as a league had not had many opportunities to play other teams and just bout, until Slammi took charge and changed everything! Thanks to her hard work, we have had several flat and banked track bouts over the past year, which helped morale and kept our skills fresh. Honestly, without all the effort she has put in, I am not sure where we would be right now. Thanks, Slammi! You deserve Rail Bird of the Month!”

“Slammi has come a long way from the young rollergirl she was when she first joined TTRB. Not only has she worked hard to become a force to be reckoned with on the track, but she is also a true leader off the track. From co-captaining the Sugar Skulls, setting up weekly off-skates, skating on Travel Team, participating in open scrimmages with other leagues, to creating new teams and scheduling bouts! She also made sure TT FINALLY got new uniforms! I am very proud of the skater she has become.”

“Slammi is like the energizer bunny of roller derby. She just doesn’t stop. Whether it is skating for her home team and the All-Stars, coordinating off-skates, being Head of Interleague, or coordinating ad-hoc opportunities for our skaters with Ravenettes and ThunderCatz, not to mention coaching for them, she does it ALL! Our league is not only lucky to have Slammi for all of these reasons on and off the track, but we are grateful, that right now during our time of homelessness, Slammi is working hard to provide our skaters regular opportunities for competitive skating. Go Slammi!”