Dr. C. Loud photo by Danny Ngan

“Storm is a committed mascot to the Rolling Blackouts. He occasionally helps the Awards Committee when crafting. He regularly participates at track build. He also recently donated his labor/time to make professional signs for the league as well as each team and individual skater. Thanks for staying enthusiastic, Storm!”

“He’s been an enthusiastic mascot and always ready to jump in and help out setting up/tearing down for bouts.”

“Storm is badass and awesome and displays amazing commitment to the league!”

“He’s there for pretty much everything, and it’s never because he was forced or “dragged along” by Gringa. He actually enjoys helping out. He’s an awesome mascot, though I’d never tell him that to his face. He also stayed late at work a lot recently so we could all have really sweet crowd signs… nobody likes staying late, but Storm did it happily. I hate to say it, but Storm’s a pretty cool dude and he’s good for the league. Good job, Storm. :)”