IMG_2349Hoedown is such a bright star. Her constant positive and optimistic attitude is contagious. She’s taken to her leadership role very well, and is always going to bat for this league.

Tara is the captain of this ship called TTRB! She is keeping us afloat in tough times and never gives up on our league of the skaters. From skater to coach to Executive Director and mentor, she pours her heart and soul into TTRB and banked track roller derby. We are lucky to have Tara!




Where to even begin? Tara is such a strong leader. She is such an amazing advocate for women, in general and in roller derby. Having to take on so many roles on our league at such a rough time has really shown her determination and leadership. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, and keep on being a badass on and off the track!

The positivity, “you can’t keep us down” attitude, love and fire she has to keep us going strong when things get rough constantly inspires me and leaves me in awe. She is the perfect mix of tough love, encouraging, honest, and true derby wisdom in a leader, a teammate, and a trainer.