The Don photo by Danny Ngan

A long time supporter of the league, in recent years The Don has steadily increased his involvement with the league, from coaching the Sugar Skulls, the league and chicks, to helping build up the ref training program. For both coaching and assisting the ref crew, The Don brings a unique perspective due to his years of experience as a ref for Rat City. Thank you, Don, for all that you do! We truly appreciate you! And your wife appreciates how much you keep her sane! 😉


“Jeremy has stepped up to coach league practices as we have lost coaches due to work commitments, retirements, and alumni. He brings a unique perspective to his practices from his past experience as a ref for RCRG.”

“Coach of the Sugar Skulls for two years now. He has always been encouraging to help build up the refs and after Season 5 has been working towards creating some rules and skill assessment tests. He was also recently promoted to TTRB RDCL ref liaison so he can continue to help build up the ref crew while in communication with the rest of the RDCL. He also has really stepped up in coaching the league, and chicks in particular. He also recently traveled to Battle on the Bank IX in Philly to not only support our league but to also watch high level banked track derby leagues compete, see what other leagues are doing and bring back that knowledge to TTRB. Don has been a long-time supporter of TTRB, and it is time he is recognized for his continued support, time and effort given to the league.”

“The Don has been supporting TTRB since the very early days of the league in various ways. He puts a lot of time in as a volunteer, as a home team coach, and more recently has stepped up to coach the league and to work one on one with the Chicks.”

“The Don dedicates so much time to coaching the skulls and the entire league. He also refs when needed. He has done all this non-stop for years.”