TTRB Banked Track Tryouts

So you think you have what is takes to skate with the Pacific Northwest’s only banked track league? Keep reading to find out how! Our track is in temporary storage, so you will have the rare opportunity to tryout on the flat track! Please check our website or facebook page for tryout dates; we host approximately four tryouts a year.

To tryout to be a railbird you must be at least 18 years of age, female-identified and legally a female, and physically able to participate in a full contact sport. Upon arrival to tryouts please bring a valid photo ID, proof of insurance coverage, and be prepared to sign a waiver. Tryouts are $10.

We do not provide skaters with their own gear so please have full safety gear and skates with you; this includes quad skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and most importantly a mouthguard!

Once you’ve geared up and signed everything, what should you expect? We are looking for basic skating ability on a rink and the potential to train and teach you the banked track. We just want to see if you can move forward steadily on your skates, stop using a plow or t-stop safely, crossover, fall safely, and skate in the proximity of others.

Also, keep in mind that commitment, ability to follow instructions, enthusiasm and a positive attitude are just as important as skating ability.

Transfer skater? Have a lot of derby experience? We want to know! Presently we do not have a transfer policy, nor offer dual membership. If you have skated with 1 or more leagues in the last calendar year, we ask that you please get two recommendation letters from each league you were on. This can be coaches, captains, or other skaters in leadership positions within the league. Either bring sealed copies to the tryouts, or send

Questions about tryouts? Email Moan Wrath at for more information. Purchase tickets for upcoming tryouts here.