Carole photo by Danny Ngan

“Carole was a dedicated Peeps parent for years and is now a dedicated TTRB parent. She has also been assisting as a NSO for awhile which is AWESOME! We appreciate her help through all these years! :)”

“Carole should be recognized for her superb dedication to the league over the past several years as first a dedicated Peeps Mom, then a NSO who shows up every single week to scrimmage and always with a positive attitude. She is cool, calm, collected and just an overall major asset to our Agency and TTRB.”

“Carole is RAD! And I can’t be upset with her for calling out my penalties because she’s so sweet and wonderful!”

“Carole is always so friendly. It’s always nice to see her smiling face. She genuinely loves the league and has been so supportive over the years.”