Where to even start with Jenn…well, recruiting for juniors, she is such a supporter of TTRB and especially our Peeps that she is constantly recruiting new young skaters to join the program or sign up for our boot camps. She never hesitates to step up when we need help with anything from setting up Teespring fundraisers to bake sales to bring a house mom when we travel. She is completely selfless in her support for us and I can’t even say enough about her to convey just how grateful I am for her contributions.

Jenn is amazing! She does so much to support our Peeps and to contribute to the success of the program, AND now has recently volunteered to join our BOD. She is always willing to help and I’m just always impressed by her selflessness. She is certainly a positive role model for the derby community and our members. TTRB is so lucky to have her!

Jenn is a silent leader and supporter. She’ll never take any credit or recognition. Not because of any other reason then she wants to do what’s right, and thinks of all points of views. Never negative. Always looking for solutions. She always has the Peeps backs and looks for ways to support and help our disadvantaged skaters. Without her, Peeps would not be the same. She adds so much. Her personality is a gem and an honorable mention to all her good deeds.  

And Corn Mazes rule!  

Jenn is literally the best. She’s always there for, not only the Peeps, but this league as a whole. It’s been a true honor getting to know and watching this superwoman in action. From volunteering to watch after all our little monsters on derby trips, to working her ass off for peeps and fundraising, to recruiting and convincing people drink the TTRB koolaid and turning more badasses our way, and all the extra she does to make this league fun and bigger and better, Jenn does it all and then some. She has this league’s back and breaks her own to help us in ways she doesn’t have to. She’s got a love for roller derby and being there for others and this league that runs deep that I am so grateful I get constantly witness and learn from. Thank you for everything you do and being you Jenn. There are no words to do it justice how much you mean to this league. WE SEE YOU SUPERWOMAN and appreciate and love the hell out of you!