Rail Bird of the Month - Vulvarine photo by Danny Ngan

“Vulvarine is an awesome chick with a badass derby name! I appreciate her showing leadership in the volunteer committee and working hard to set up volunteer events so we can make and keep community ties. Her skating is improving immensely, and her Big Bird brags about her! 🙂 Rock on, V! Stay inspired!”

“Vulvarine missed a league practice to host a volunteer event sewing PJs for Holly House. I know she was kinda bummed about it, so I know she would really appreciate being recognized for her efforts.”

“What a rock star! It’s been such a blast watching Vulvarine steadily grow week by week. She’s so dedicated to her skills and progress on top of her new committee! That is no small task. We all appreciate her hard work and all of the love and power she gives to this league. Thank you Vulvarine!”